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Thank you for your interest in studying at the University of Liechtenstein. You may submit applications for more than one degree programme. If you do so, please include a brief explanation.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Directors of the programmes.

Application and advice

At the Download Center all important forms, lecture plans and further information regarding the study programmes can be accessed.

Before you start with the application procedure: please read the following points and information carefully:

Before submitting an application we kindly ask you to familiarise yourself with the contents of the programme you would like to apply for and the Student Regulations:

> Student Regulations of the University

Admission Guidelines:
Bachelor's degree programmes (German only)
Master's degree programme in Architecture
Master's degree programme in Entrepreneurship and Management/Finance
Master's degree programme in Information Systems
Doctoral degree programmes

Please also note the information provided on studying in Liechtenstein. Should you have any further questions, please contact the programme study advisor.

Bachelor’s degree programmes
- Bachelor's degree programme in Architecture: Summer semester: 15 December (EU/EEA and Swiss citizens); 30 November (Citizens of countries who require a visa for Liechtenstein); Winter semester: EU/EEA and Swiss citizens (no visa required): 31 July; Students who require a visa: 31 May
- Bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration: EU/EEA and Swiss citizens (no visa required): 31 July; Students who require a visa: 31 May

Master's degree programmes
EU/EEA and Swiss citizens (no visa required)
Winter semester:31 July (for all Master's degree programmes)
Summer semester: 30 November (only for the following courses)
- Master's degree programme in Architecture
- Master's degree programme in Information Systems
Citizens of countries who require a visa for Liechtenstein
Winter semester: 31 May (for all master's degree programmes)
Summer semester: 31 October (only for the following courses) 
- Master's degree programme in Architecture 
- Master's degree programme in Information Systems 

Doctoral degree programmes (for all candidates)
Winter semester: 31 May
Summer semester: 31 October

In accordance with the Fees Regulations of the University of Liechtenstein, the following fees (admission applications and tuition) must be paid:

Fee regulations

a) Administration fee for admission applications
As part of the admission procedure, various application documents must be examined. Furthermore, advisory and orientation sessions and/or interviews are carried out and other services are provided. Students who have never been enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree programme at the University of Liechtenstein and who apply for admission to one of these programmes are required to pay an administration fee of CHF 100. 

The fee will not be refunded or credited to other fees. The payment must have been triggered by the respective application deadline at the latest.

b) Tuition fees – Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degree programmes
CHF 950 per semester
for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens as well as citizens from other countries if they are holder of a permanent residence or settlement permit for Liechtenstein or if they have obtained their university entrance certificate in EU/EEA or Switzerland.

CHF 1.250 per semester
for Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens who do not meet one of the aforementioned clauses.

Students who wish to or have to live in Liechtenstein during their studies require a permit for their stay. The residence permit (L) allows you to work for up to 35% of your time during term time and full time during the holidays. No jobs through a staffing firm allowed. For most employers, good knowledge of German is required for employment. Expect living costs of at least CHF 1,500 per month (in most cases higher). In addition, there are tuition fees per semester and other expenses and fees (> see step 5).

The following information does not apply to EU / EEA and Swiss nationals!
A visa is required to enter Liechtenstein. Obtaining a visa can take several weeks! Please note that a deposit of CHF 3,000 is required for the processing of the application for a residence permit in Liechtenstein. Details and further information about the current legal situation can be obtained from the coordination centre for permits (T +423 265 1111, The whole process of obtaining your visa and residence permit takes a lot of time and we highly recommend that you apply early.

All documents must be either in German or English. If documents such as diplomas and certificates have not been issued in one of the two languages, officially certified translations in German or English must be provided in addition to copies of the original documents. A translation is regarded as officially certified if it has been prepared, stamped and signed by one of the following:
> The Institution that issued the original document (for example, translation of the diploma / performance overview / transcript of records by the university itself)
> A qualified, certified specialist for translations
> A notary, court etc.

Checklist: documents to be submitted 
Please have the following documents (PDF, JPG) ready to upload for your Bachelor's or Master's degree programme so that you can complete the process quickly. Please provide files in legible quality so that we can process your application without delay.

Bachelor’s degree programme
• School-leaving or intermediate certificate
• Language certificate in accordance with admissions guidelines 
• Curriculum vitae 
• Letter of motivation
• Copy of passport
• Passport photo (Good quality, well-lit frontal shot)

Master’s degree programme
• Bachelor's degree or equivalent university diploma or graduation confirmation 
• Diploma Supplement or certificate
• Language certificate in accordance with admissions guidelines 
• Curriculum vitae 
• Letter of motivation
• Copy of passport
• Passport photo (Good quality, well-lit frontal shot)

• Master’s degree or equivalent university diploma or graduation confirmation
• Diploma Supplement or certificate
• Proof of language skills in accordance with admissions guidelines
• Curriculum vitae 
• Letter of motivation
• Research proposal
• Copy of passport

Use the online tool to create a user account with your personal email address, which we can then use to contact you throughout the whole admission process and until the start of your studies. After registration you can start submitting your application for admission. You are able to interrupt the process at any time and continue at a later date. No information entered or documents uploaded will be lost during any break or if you leave the system. After entering all the required information and documents, you are able to submit the application, which can then no longer be changed. If you have any questions before starting, please feel free to contact the responsible student advisor at any time (see the following contacts).
The University of Liechtenstein reserves the right to obtain verification directly from the issuing institution regarding the authenticity of the documents submitted, and to reject any inadequate translations or have their accuracy reviewed by the university authorities.

What happens after we receive your application? 

Your application will not be processed until payment has been received. Please ensure that you have paid the processing fee. Your data and documents will then be reviewed. If we have any questions regarding your application we will contact you by email. When the application is complete and has been reviewed we will send you an e-mail confirming that you have been shortlisted, admitted or unfortunately rejected for the study programme at the University of Liechtenstein.

When we have received all the necessary documents and the admission requirements have been met and the responsible academic board has approved your admission, you will receive a provisional confirmation of admission and the first semester invoice. With payment of the tuition fee, you confirm your acceptance of your place on the course which is then guaranteed. If the term of payment is missed, your entitlement to the place offered will expire. 
If you have not yet met all the admission requirements at the time of application, but we expect from the information available that you will meet the admission requirements by the beginning of your studies, you will receive a provisional confirmation and the semester invoice.

Applicants who have been offered a place at the university are provided with detailed information about the start of their studies, living in Liechtenstein, travel, etc. As part of the “welcome programme” they receive all the additional information they need and the student services team and the “reception team” take care of any concerns.

By the first week of the semester (when studies start), you must submit the certified copies of your certificates, diplomas, etc. to the student services centre responsible for your study programme. Please ensure that you do not send any original documents. We are not liable for any loss or damage.


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