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Capacity Mgmt: Demand Driven Skills Management
Are you looking for an opportunity to write your thesis in an industrial environment or obtain valuable industry experience, during or after your education? Here is one of many interesting topics we have on offer. We are also very open to your own ideas in order to create a matching opportunity for you at VAT.
Innovation has always been the driving force at VAT since the company was founded over 50 years ago. This has made us the world leader in vacuum valves and vacuum sealing technology. This pioneering spirit motivates us daily to meet our customers' requirements with enthusiasm. Together with our employees we stand for passion, innovation and quality. VAT is headquartered in Haag (Switzerland) and employs approximately 2 400 people worldwide. It has production centers in Haag (Switzerland), Penang (Malaysia) and Arad (Romania) as well as a production facility in Xinwu (Taiwan). With our customers mainly being situated in the United States and Asia, this provides a great opportunity to start an international career.

What you will explore:
The highly advanced semiconductor industry relies heavily on vacuum processes and therefore, vacuum valves. VAT is the undisputable market leader in developing vacuum valves for semiconductor and other industries, such as space and solar. Running operations in such a large and critical company, with thousands of different unique products, requires a good capacity management (machine and man power). The goal of this project is to use forecast, material planning and skill management data of the company to increase the transparency and improve the overall capacity – including relevant skills - planning focusing on the assembly area. In this project you will be supervised by experts in the topics. Further, you will have the opportunity to use the big business data of the company to address a critical task, and have interfaces with various corporate functions but a strong focus on OPS internal counterparts and specialists (eg: production planning, heads of production areas, training and quality management).

Possible work packages are:

 Understand, extract, clean and structure the relevant business data

 Draw relations and categorize the training contents and products using analytical and/or machine learning techniques Identify and develop the optimum techniques and tools for a defined area as a pilot (eg: assembly line) for 

Managing short / mid / long term available skills and required skills as part of capacity mgmt (incl. potential bottlenecks and limitations)
Define and develop with key counterparts processes in order to ensure required skills set in the area

 Implement the findings into existing tools and process

What you will need:

 Studies in business administration, sales & operations, math, engineering, physics or similar analytical techniques
 Good to have familiarity with Microsoft Excel and programming (Excel and/or Python) and knowledge of machine learning

Are you ready for the challenge?
Then we look forward to receiving your electronic application sent to Jakob Haitzinger.
E-Mail , Telephone Number: +41 81 772 4143

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